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Raising Awareness for Mental Health Month 2022

This October, to help raise awareness of youth mental health crisis, I’ll be touring libraries in Western Australia.

For a full list of the events, and details to find out more if you’d like to attend any, check out the event calendar.

You can also download a PDF-printable copy of the calendar.

You Are Not Alone: Mental Health for Young Adults
In a high school classroom, four students are experiencing serious mental health challenges. Two may be considering suicide. In fact, 75% of mental health conditions begin before the age of 25. That’s why it’s important young adults understand mental health, learn the warning signs that they may need help, and know where to go for support. For Mental Health Month, Rebecca Laffar-Smith, shares her lived experience of mental illness. She talks about how it inspires and informs her novels. And why it’s vital we are open and proactive about mental health in teenagers and young adults.

Spirit Talker
On the surface, Rebecca Laffar-Smith’s new book, Spirit Talker, is about a girl who sees ghosts. Beneath you find a sympathetic look at real life mental illness. About the dangers of not having your voice heard. And the importance of self-advocating, with medical and mental health professionals, or with loved ones. Inspired by her own lived experience, Spirit Talker was written to inspire, give hope, and save the lives of teens facing challenges today.

Author Bio
Rebecca Laffar-Smith lives with her young adult children and their service animal pup. She also lives with chronic pain and mental illness. Those lived experiences drive her to write young adult sci-fi and fantasy novels that star diverse characters. As a presenter and coach, Rebecca loves to write and speak about the challenges of living with disability. She also loves to chat about all things writing related! Her books and talks inspire people to experience possibility and discover wonder. Check out her TEDx Talk!

Find out more on the event calendar.