Plot Storming Workbook


The Plot Storming Workbook helps you determine your market, develop your characters, and define your story structure. Detailed worksheets walk you through every stage of the process. A must have novel writer’s companion.


Plot Storming Workbook

Discover the power of story structure with The Hero’s Journey. This hands-on workbook walks you through the process of planning and outlining your novel.

When I was in primary school my teacher told me that all stories have a beginning, middle, and ending. All stories, every single one ever told is made up of these three basic parts. It’s really quite simple. Of course, it’s really not simple at all because it doesn’t tell us how stories begin, what happens in the middle, and how to produce a satisfying ending.

Rebecca Laffar-Smith’s Plot Storming Workshop unlocks that key to the core elements of story structure. Rebecca Laffar-Smith shares an inside look at what makes the stories that touch our hearts and change our lives, compelling and universal. With examples from popular fiction, Rebecca breaks down The Hero’s Journey and the foundation of story development, character creation, and your target market.

Once you understand the fundamental roots of story, it transforms the way you write. It will also transform the way you see stories for the rest of your life. And it makes planning the stories you’ll write much less confounding than that simple concept of a beginning, middle, and end.

Are You Ready To Write Your Book?

The Plot Storming Workbook contains detailed worksheets to help you through every stage of the Plot Storming process from idea to character to outline. It is a writer’s favourite companion for the developmental stage of every book or series you’ll ever write.

The Plot Storming Workshop uses examples from popular movies, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Pride & Prejudice. Rebecca has spent years deconstructing movies, television, and books and loves discovering the intricate way The Hero’s Journey unfolds in all of the most loved works over the ages. Of course, as a Star Wars fan, she can’t help making parallels with all kinds of things.
Including How P.I. Penguin is a little like Luke Skywalker.

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