GameNite Episode #03:
A Battle Royale Gaming Adventure


Inspired by the popular video game Fortnite™,
Bec J. Smith teams up with YouTuber CassyJosh to present,
GameNite: A Battle Royale Gaming Adventure for children 8-12.


GameNite Episode #03

Continue the fun-filled adventure! Fast-paced action and zippy, illustrated chapters will inspire your 8- to 12-year old Fortnite™ fan to love reading.

For Josh Johnson, this is a whole new kind of deadly. The gamemakers have switched things up again. This time instead of all for one, the players are teaming up to kill him. Fifty v. fifty sounds like fair odds but in a game where friendship and loyalty are put to the test, it can be hard to learn to trust others. But working together, helping each other, and carrying his teammates to the end is the only way they’re going to win this game together. At least he’s no longer alone, and maybe now they can all find their way home.

For Fans of Fortnite™

GameNite Episode #03 is the third in a series of fun, action-packed stories inspired by real gameplay in the Fortnite™ universe. It’s a great way to get reluctant readers to disconnect from the game for a few minutes and pick up a book. GameNite is perfect for Fortnite™, PubG, or Overwatch fans, as well as readers of video game books for kids like The Legend of Battle Island, Diary of a Minecraft Zombie, the Trapped in a Video Game series, Cube Kid books, and Fortnite™ Tales.

Although inspired by real gameplay, this Fortnite™ story is unofficial and not endorsed by Epic Games. Please support Epic Games by downloading Fortnite™. It’s free to play, a lot of fun, and CassyJosh would love to see readers in the game!

Victory or death… one for the team.

“The gamemakers are switching things up today.”

I’m not going in alone this time.
There are fifty of us and fifty of them. Maybe I’ll finally have a chance with a team on my side. And who knows, I might just make a friend.

Can loyalties survive when we are all fighting for the same victory?

Collect the GameNite Series

This 6,500 word story is perfect for a quick read.

Also available on Amazon Kindle;
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GameNite Episode #03 is also available for Kindle

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A Battle Royale Gaming Adventure”

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