Spirit Talker


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Is goodbye ever truly the end?

Sara used to be an average, ordinary teenage girl. That was until her mother died. Now she sees things. Impossible things. Things no one else can see and everyone says can’t be real. The doctors call them hallucinations. The kids at her old high school call her crazy.

Desperate for a fresh start, Sara and her dad move across the country. Now she has a new therapist, new school, new friends, and the handsome boy next door to contend with. She’s doing everything she can to get back to ‘normal’.

But what is ‘normal’ when you’re haunted by ghosts?

Compared to the rest, visits in the night from a charming poet time forgot aren’t so bad. Nor are the melancholy melodies played by a child lost before his time. But it does make living an ordinary life complicated. Sara’s doing the best she can to keep her visions under wraps. If they discover her secret, her fragile new friendships might fall apart. Her neighbour will think she’s crazy too.

But he has his own secrets. He’s haunted by an inner darkness. And if he’s losing the battle, Sara can’t sit idly by. Her gift might be exactly what she needs to save his life.

Spirit Talker is a heart-warming young adult contemporary novel by Rebecca Laffar-Smith. For lovers of Jennifer Niven, Nicola Yoon, and John Green. Full of hope, courage, and a spark of belief.

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